Our vision

At Gladden Farms, our vision is to create a diverse, vibrant and friendly community filled with everything that’s important to young professionals, families of all sizes, empty nesters and retirees. That includes attractively priced new homes, an award-winning school and acres of green spaces for residents of all ages to enjoy. In short, our vision is to create a cherished and inclusive live-work-play community.

The History

A rich & varied history

The history of Marana and the region is rich and varied dating back to approximately 1400 A.D., when the Hohokam Indians made the Sonoran Desert their home. In the 1600s, the region was colonized by Spanish missionaries and later became home to an influx of settlers from across the globe. The name “Marana,” which means “thicket,” appeared on railroad maps for the first time in 1890.

Marana historic milestones


550-850 A.D.

Hohokam culture begins, likely the ancestors of Tohono O’odham peoples.


Platform mounds appear as public ceremonial structures.


Hohokam culture vanishes likely from the Great Drought (1276–1299).

Modern Times


Apaches from the northeast and the Spanish from the south enter the area.


Father Eusebio Francisco Kino founds a string of Jesuit missions including San Xavier del Bac.


Juan Bautista de Anza leads an expedition through area to eventually found San Francisco.


The Spanish establish the Presidio of Tucson.


War breaks out between Spain and Mexico.


The Republic of Mexico is established.


Some 10,000 “49ers” pass through on their way to the California gold fields.


Butterfield Overland Mail stagecoach station established.

Parts of New Mexico and southern Arizona are annexed into the U.S. (Gadsden Purchase).


The western most battle of the Civil War was won by Union Soldiers at  Picacho Pass.


Arizona becomes a territory of the United States.


High grade copper ore is mined in the Silverbell Mountains.


Bojórquez Ranch is established.


The Southern Pacific Railroad arrives in Marana.

Yaqui native peoples move into the area.


Tohono O’odham Nation established.


War with the Apache ends.


The name “Marana” appears on railroad maps, Spanish for “dense brush.”


Silverbell Copper Mine opens.


Construction begins on the Greene canal, dam and reservoir.


Arizona becomes the 48th state on Feb. 14, 1912.


Area shifts from ranching to agricultural economy.


The Marana Airfield becomes one of the country’s largest pilot training centers.


Arizona Portland Cement Company’s Twin Peaks mine opens.


Historic business district, Mercantile, is demolished to make way for  I-10.


Marana is incorporated encompassing 10 square miles and 1,500 residents.


Marana begins an aggressive annexation and growth strategy.


Town of Marana named one of America’s “Best Managed Small Cities.”


The 20-acre Marana Municipal Complex is dedicated with the town hall as its centerpiece.


The 20-acre Marana Municipal Complex is dedicated with the town hall as its centerpiece.


Marana is largest farming community in middle Santa Cruz River Valley.

Committed to excellence

Crown West Land Group develops and manages residential master-planned communities serving the U.S. homebuilding industry, and currently has active projects throughout the Tucson, Phoenix, Reno and Las Vegas metropolitan areas.

Crown West Land Group is one of the divisions of Crown West Realty, LLC, a privately-owned real assest investment, development and management company with offices in New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Denver and Spokane, Washington.

Formed in 1996, it is the operating subsidiary of New York Investment firm Petrus Partners Ltd.

The other divisions are the Crown West Commercial Group, which controls a multi-market U.S. portfolio of office, flex, warehouse and manufacturing properties-more than 70 buildings and 9 million square feet in aggregate; and the Crown West Farm Group, which manages both irrigation and dry land farmland located in the U.S. and leased to tenant farmers.

Crown West is experienced in the acquisition, development, management, design, construction and marketing of major investment properties throughout these real estate assest classes.

Crown West’s commitment to excellence ensures that Gladden Farms will be a place to treasure today and for years to come.

For more information on Petrus Partners and Crown West, please visit www.petruspartners.com and www.crownwest.com.